Seattle Trip! I love that place!!

Ok, I've been to Washington State a few times before, but never really did any sightseeing. My wife encouraged me to make good use of my free day while I was there and be a "tourist". Thanks to my good friends that were hosting me, I didn't actually have to find my around by myself! I got the VIP treatment while I was there and I had a great time!

A lot of times when I go checking out things, I forget to bring out the camera. It was impossible to not want to take photos of all the interesting things I saw. I had so many photos running through my head as I took in the whole atmosphere.

I really wanted to check out the fish market that I've seen on TV a few times before. Sorry I didn't get a great photo of the "flying fish". The whole downtown area of Seattle is amazing. So much diversity and culture. I loved my whole trip to Seattle, but I missed my family so much. I need to take them next time!

Enjoy some of these photos. Keep in mind that these photos really don't match my strengths or style of photography. Never the less, I love some of these photos! I love Seattle! Actually, everywhere I went while I was there was beautiful. It's a place I wouldn't mind living some day!

I'll be posting photos of the wedding I covered while I was there, very soon!!


malia said...

i love your photos regardless. with my photo a day thing, hardly any of them are "picture-worthy" but i think documenting is more important than being perfect. looks like a fun trip!

malia said...

ps. welcome back to the blog world. :)

sepa said...

these photos are great, maka. and i love seattle, too. :)

Myrn Photography said...

Beautiful!! I love Seattle as well.. I used to visit my husband while he was working on the fishing boat.. Thank you for sharing these!

Puanani Tuiolosega said...

LOVE this!!! Great way to capture downtown Seattle!