August 2009 Group Shoot/Workshop! The first of many to come!

Aubrey and Malia
Kalani in action

And here are some photos of a few of the models for the day! I didn't get a shot of everyone, but we'll see their photos soon!

What a great day! It started out a little scary. It was raining all morning! Actually it was raining til 1pm. At 11:30am my wife suggested we say a little prayer for a nice weather for the group shoot! I'm always up for some help from the heavens, and it usually seems to work. It definitely did. The gray skies went away, and never came back. We had very nice weather the whole time we were out shooting!

I had some very talented photographers come and we had a lot of fun getting to know each other, but also, really getting to know our cameras and "really" using them! We had a little discussion time for the first hour, and then I arranged for some of the most beautiful people I could find to show up and model for us! I split everyone up into little teams so they could all learn from each other. We had 3 one hour blocks for shooting each set of models! It was so fun to see everyone get to work, and let the creativity flow. I didn't get to shoot that much, because I was busy trying to go around and answer questions and make myself available for any assistance needed! I did get to snap a few shots, but I'm sorry I didn't get everyone!

We topped our day of shooting of with a home made spaghetti dinner and had more discussion and question and answer time. Omi showed up to the dinner and offered so much insight and information. We did a little photoshop, and before we knew it, the night was done. It went by so fast. We made new friends, strengthened existing relationships, and overall, had a terrific experience!

Please look forward to some great photos coming from those who came. We'll have a little photo contest, and you'll get to vote. I'll post that before the end of the week. Thanks so much to those who came. I really had a great time. Thanks to my very pregnant wife (also Deedee and Robin)who made sure it was well planned out, and for having dinner ready for us! My wife also made sure all the little things (that a guy would never do on his own), were taken care of!

I really look forward to having another group shoot and seeing great things from all who came! Photographers are some really great people! We had a few photographers that were not able to come due to last minute things, but we're looking forward to seeing you guys next time!


AhquinFotoz said...

Ohhh yeah! Can't wait for the next workshop.....Thanks again Maka.

malia said...

thanks for all the hard work...it was definitely a great day!! :)

sepa said...

a great day indeed! thanks again, maka.

Dasl*it Photography said...

I know I totally missed out. Sounds like fun was had by all.. Cant wait to see the pic's as for the contest.. I'm accepting bribes now.. lol..

Collin said...

Who is that moon-faced Matthew McConnaghey looking fellow? So hot...

Holly said...

Maka- Thanks so much for your comment. Sunny has talked alot about you and your work. I am doing my first wedding shoot tomorrow and I am having a freak out. Browsing your site has been inspirational. Stunning work. :) THanks again!