Contest Closed!

Thanks for all the votes! All the photos were terrific! Alvin Ahquin is our winner! Thanks for all the participation. I really loved all the photos and how different they were from each other. We had a great time together and please look forward to another group shoot/workshop coming soon!

Thanks to all the photographers who came to our workshop. A huge thank you to all our beautiful models who were gracious and allowed us all to get some great photos! The couple in Alvin's photo as well as a few of the others, is Collin and Liz Kartchner of Pixel Pop Photography.
Collin is a talented photographer, and Liz is a local celebrity and scrapbook queen! You can find her where ever you see Creating Keepsakes, or even on the covers of their magazines! Thanks you two for being so fun!

We also had a visit from Michele of Michele Reyes Photography, and the one and only Omi Masina, who pretty much needs no introduction! By the way, Omi is doing a huge contest give away so visit her blog! Good luck, but I'm hoping to win!

We had a few photographers that were not able to make the shoot last minute. We missed you and look forward to having you at the next one!

Thanks again and congrats Alvin!!


sepa said...

congrats alvin!

AhquinFotoz said...

Don't thank me....thank the beautiful couple!! They made that pic. I'm just glad I got to go to my first workshop. I'm truly grateful for the things I've learned and will continue to learn....especially if I surround my self with good people like you guys!! Thanks again Maka...