The Midas Touch- Setema Gali

Midas or King Midas is popularly remembered for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold: the Midas touch! Have you ever known such a person? I do!

I've known Setema for a long time now. Can't believe we met over 10 years ago, when he shook my hand and gave me a smile. "You never know how much a smile and a handshake can do". Truer words were never spoken!

We met at BYU and have participated in so many different things together. Performed in various musical groups and it's always a good time with Setema! It seems that this man can do anything and everything. Not just do them, but do them really really well. As if he had the ability to turn anything in to gold. The only things not turned in to gold were the quarterbacks he would sack on the field in front of thousands of screaming BYU fans. After his college career, he was also part of the Superbowl winning Patriot Team in the NFL!

Now, he is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and business person who inspires so many to reach their potential. For fun, this guy can pick up just about any instrument and play you a song. He's part of an award winning band, Mana Poly All-Stars! Does it ever end with this guy? Apparently not!

What I respect most about this guy is his love for his family. Just watch this guy interact with his son and you will know he loves his family! He's married to his best friend, and together, they truly are a power couple. Endless possibilities and talent in this family.

Setema has a book coming out soon and it's sure to be a hit. Until then, check out his website. I am fortunate to call him a friend. Thanks Setema!


sepa said...

we suspected you took his profile picture. these are great, maka. and you're right: tema is good people. 'lofaz.

Niki O2afi said...

Awesome work Maka!! Absolutely love Tema & his family!

jnlwilson8 said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Makeup Me Mary! said...

when ever you are in orange county, i would love to colaborate with you...
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