Individual Worth!

What a great idea! Tini, one of the YW leaders in our ward over the beehive age (12-13 yr olds) girls, asked my wife and I for some help. The theme for her young women this month is "Individual Worth". She wanted her girls to have some nice headshots done for their own little portfolios that their putting together.

I thought it was such a fun idea, and we were happy to help! It was a simple photoshoot. We just met at the park. It was a little chilly so thanks for the Hot Chocolate girls. It really helped! We spent just a little time with each individual girl, and had a great time! It was really neat to see how each of these girls have their own personalities, and things they like. My wife loves the YW program, and is looking forward to one day being able to work with them.

I am happy that we were able to help with such a fun project. Thanks for asking us Tini. We love your young women, and we appreciate all you do for the youth in our ward!


Tini said...

Thank you so much again Maka and your lovely Assistant/Boss...haha. You guys captured exactly what I wanted with my Beehives and I am so greatful!!! I LOVE the pictures!!! You are the best!!

Mona Maile said...

You guys are so dang good!!! I wish I could buy your camera. I really want to learn.

Anonymous said...

Wow, nice work man!...I got here from FB, lol how else ... we'll hire your service when we are ready ... Thanks Fui

Rina Lasi Photography said...

Oh my heck! That's my niece (Kailei)! Oh how fun :-) lol The pics are gorgeous and so are the girls. What a smart way to portray individual worth...awesome.