The Lovely Ladies of LB Hunt... oh and the one lucky guy!

Meet the lovely ladies (and guy) of LB Hunt Management Group. They contacted me a little while back about updating their photos for their website. We me in the Downtown Salt Lake area, and we had the best time. They found a fun little office building with some fun colors.

As soon as we got there I knew we would have a great time. It must be a lot of fun to work in their office, because in the short amount of time I spent with them, I had a blast! I really enjoyed working with them. It's really nice to work with cooperative models, that do exactly what you tell them to do, and hold absolutely still! Makes for easy work, and a great time!

Thanks for the wonderful shoot ladies. Sorry Clay, I keep leaving you out. It was easy and great to work with you too. I may be using your location again in the near future!


Olivia said...

i really really love how each persons eyes stand out so much the color is so very visable. your picture make me jealouse

sepa said...

love the poppin' colors and catch light, too. way to go, maka!