Simple, Raw and Amazing!

I was invited to take photos at an Open Mic event last weekend by Jake Kongaika(Cubworld) up in the Salt Lake area. I was excited to hear some good music and get some great photos. I just have to say that all of my expectations were exceeded beyond belief!
I'm used to hearing the typical "Polynesian" style of music. I expected to hear some R&B, some Reggae, and other types that I'm used to. I was not expecting what I heard. It was nice to hear our people branching out with all these different styles of music. It was refreshing to see pure, raw talent. It was so simple, but it amazed me just the same.

No "Rock star" atmosphere. Just a simple setting, with real people, and great music. I would listen to a CD with all the music I heard that night. It made me appreciate music so much more!

I rarely work in black and white photos. I used to love it, but I've fallen in love with colors. As I was editing these photos, I felt like they should be in black and white. I wanted to share them in the simplest form. No distractions. I just wanted to show the pure passion and joy I saw in each of those who shared their original songs or covers. I'm grateful to have been invited, and I look forward to seeing and hearing more from each of these great people!


Spahulu Photography said...

Nice! Heard it was alot of fun. You can't beat raw talent.

[imagine something catchy here] said...

yay for beautiful pictures and for new blog look! i'm glad you included some pictures of you. now, how about your lovely second shooter? :)

sepa said...

imagine something catchy here = sepa. that was weird.

'Anapesi Ka'ili said...

Love the pictures!!!

You are an amazing photographer!

Keep up the great work!

Much 'ofas!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy looking at your photo's man.. i took one and used it for my facebook.. your awesome!! joe. "the scout"

Niki O2afi said...

The pictures are beautiful! Great job like always!!

Mary said...

love the black and whites, maka. these are awesome.