Effortless Beauty!

Jeane attended a baby shower recently, and she took the camera with her. She came home and said she had a really good time. I was looking at some of the photos she took and these two really hit me. I don't know whose baby girl this is, but she had beautiful, gigantic dark brown eyes!

As I looked at them, I just thought of how informal these photos are. No studio, no trying to get this baby's attention to make her smile. Just an unassuming beauty. This little girl had no idea that my wife was taking her photo. She made no effort to look cute for the camera, none the less, these are beautiful, timeless images!

I love it when we capture moments like this. True, unsolicited, and genuine. There is no mistake that this little girl is beautiful, but my favorite part of it, is that it's effortless. Although the photo says "photography by maka", I can take no credit for these photos. Great job Jeane in capturing these moments!

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Mel said...

I love this picture - her name is Jennifer Avei - 2nd counselor in our branch's daughter. Isn't she gorgeous? Great shots!