Location, location, location

Location, location, location... a phrase you often hear when you watch HGTV, or when someone is talking about real estate. Location can greatly determine the value of your home! It can also make for a great and fun photo shoot!

My wife and I are always looking for a great new places to take interesting photos. People often ask us for suggestions for locations for their family photos. We have our normal favorites, but we're always open to suggestions for new spots. It's like a new challenge, and it really forces us to be very creative. We had a good discussion about that with our good friend Omi. We shared lists of neat spots to shoot.

It was helpful when I talked to the mom of the family pictured above on the phone. She said she lived on a couple acres of land, with 2 barns in her backyard. I suggested we do it there, and it would be less distracting for the kids. I was excited when I pulled up, and my imagination went crazy. We had a great time and I really liked the barn shots. We had a ton of photos all over their property.

If anyone has any suggestions of great spots to take photos, please let me know, and we can share thoughts.


sepa said...

i don't know which photo i like best. they all look so good! great job, maka!

malia said...

i took some family photos at gardener village last fall. they have fun spots and cool colored buildings.

i've always wanted to go downtown, but never had an excuse to. i hear memory park is a good place.