It's all in the smile!

One of my favorite moments to capture when I shoot weddings, is when the couple first comes out of the temple! They look so excited, and everyone is excited to see them too. At this wedding, if you look at the very first photo, Cassie's smile tells you all you need to know. She's happy! That's all you have to say... she's happy!

This wedding was for a family that I have gotten to know very well. I've shot this family's last 3 weddings, and I'm sad to say that Cassie was the last of their unmarried children. The Singley family has the best receptions. It was evident at the first wedding I did for them. When they opened the dance floor, I expected the usual shy empty dance floor, with a few kids running around, and maybe one or two couples that would dance to a slow song. To my surprise, the whole family got in to it. I'm not talking about slow dancing either. I mean full on boogie time! It was so fun to watch, and it was easy to see that this family had a lot of fun!

The next wedding I did for them was no let down! The reception was in the backyard of a beautiful mansion! They also had a live Jazz band, and the bride got into the music and sang her heart out!

I anticipated that I would have a great time at this last reception as well! They had a Bluegrass Band, and they were terrific. I was surprised when I saw the bride pick up the banjo, and get right into it as well. How can an entire family be so talented? I had a great time at this reception, even though I was in a lot of pain. I wouldn't have missed this for the world!

I hope that I get to see this family again, even though the last of their kids is married. They do have extended family, and I already know they all know how to have a good time! Thanks to the Singley family for all the good times, and allowing me to be a part of it! I wish Mike and Cassie all the happiness in the world. These two look so good together!


cassie said...

These are so fun. Thanks! We were just talking about how grateful we are that you didn't decide you were in too much pain to do it. Let us know when the rest will be ready. We're really excited!

HayleyKirkland said...

Don't worry Maka, I'm sure you haven't seen the last of us. Our family is growing you know, we may need family photos :)

bethany said...

Great pictures!! Cassie does look SO HAPPY!! Love it!